Come Grow With Us

Come Grow with Us

Jarfly Advantages

Thank you for inquiring about Dealer space at Jarfly Antique Market.  We are very interested in building a group of Dealers that search out the rare finds; the unique pieces that make customers want to come back to our store each week to see what’s new.  Dealers that paint or decorate furniture pieces that are unique will appeal   to the customer and say “take me home”!   Our open display methods allow customers to see many items in the Market at the same time.

Additional Jarfly Advantages:
• tremendous foot traffic
• 4300 plus, likes on Facebook with a five star rating
• Friendly and knowledgeable staff
• No requirement for Dealer-Merchants to work the front end
• Lease terms are month to month
• Twice a month payouts
• Bar coded item tags keep track of your merchandise
• Booth prices are $150 for 10’ x 10’ space inside floor and $175 for wall space 

Great Media Presence
Because you bring in great pieces we want to showcase them in the best ways. We are very active on Facebook. We post multiple times per week.  We have Media advertising in Hometown Neighbors magazine.  Road side bill boards on North, GA 129 and  one on the South coming from Athens. We also are on the back cover of the Jackson County Antique Trail brochure and listed in the Georgia Antique Trail brochure and web site.  Our advertising is designed to drive high traffic through the store and expose customers to what we are all about.   We intend for our store to be the go to place for rare finds, vintage items, Antiques and repurposed shabby chic furniture.
State of the Art Business System
We have two registers working every day to speed customers with the checkout process. We wrap and bag all goods going out the door.  We constantly walk the floor to assist customers with question or to take items they want to purchase to the front so they may keep shopping. We do not try to keep up with your sales manually.  Every item you bring in for sale is bar coded so you never lose a sale because nobody knows who the item belongs to.  Dealer-Merchant have access to our software to enter inventory, check inventory and items sold.

Financial Info
Rent checks are due by the 4th day of each month. Dealers are paid twice each month. Settlements and checks may be picked up on the 4th and the 18th of each month.  Dealers are given a copy of the sales settlement so each dealer may see what they sold on a by item basis.

Hours & Staffing
The Market is open 6 days a week. Hours are; Tuesday –Saturday, 10am to 6pm. Sunday 12pm to 6pm.  We like to maintain a family atmosphere in the store.  Additionally our staff is well trained to assist customers and dealers with their questions. On busy days, we have six staff members available to meet customer needs. 

Physical Store Info
The Market occupies 50,000 sq. ft., located of GA Hwy 11 in Jefferson, GA.  We have in store bathrooms, and air Conditioning.  The Old Cotton Mill also known as the Jefferson Mills is 100 years old.  Occupying other space in the Mill is a wholesale Floral Distributor, A Close out Home Décor Store and Real Deals Home Décor, a new furniture store.

Dealer Merchant Requirements
• Pictures of items that you plan to bring in for sale
• Dealer booth space must be 95% full at all times
• 10% commission paid to Jarfly is deducted from sales settlement checks
• 4% credit card fee is deducted on a per item basis
• 30 day notice to vacate your space
• Rent is not deducted from sales settlement checks

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our Merchant Family.