Hello Jarfly Dealers... 


Summer is here and we are busy at Jarfly.  Jarfly would like to have a store wide sale starting Friday, June 21 and ending Sunday, July 7.  This sale will kick off our sales season through the end of the year.  We would like to have as many Dealers participate in the sale as possible. Please fill up your spaces and let us know if you need sale signs printed and we will have  them in your file.       

We have been extremely busy and selling a lot of furniture as well as smalls and salvage. Customers have been buying tables and chairs faster than we can restock. They are also looking for chairs to go with their existing tables. School will be back in session before we know it and we need lots of beds, nighstands, desks, dressers, Armoirs, lockers and storage for bedrooms and college dorms. Also lots of Collegiate items for their dorm rooms. 



Thanks for being a Dealer at Jarfly Antique Market.

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